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Hosted by FPA Connecticut

37th Annual FPA of Connecticut State Conference Online Only

Welcome to the 37th Annual FPA Connecticut State Conference
Now more than ever, information about the future of Financial Planning and the resources you will need to survive and flourish is critical.    FPA of Connecticut provides a regional view of these turbulent times with a quality online conference experience.    Highlights include:  
  • 4 Keynotes
  • 6 Breakouts
  • Vern Hayden Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Jim Pavia's Fireside Chat
 Up to 7 CFP and 4 CT Insurance CEs possible

We will be using the HopIn platform for this Conference.   What’s HopIn?    It isn’t like any other virtual platform we’ve seen. Think of the normal physical conference: there’s the Main Stage, Breakout Rooms, the Exhibitors Hall, the chance to reconnect with long-time friends and industry colleagues. Hopin has all of that and more, a compelling virtual replication of a physical event! Watch these videos to check it out:

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021
8:30 AM until Thursday, April 29, 2021 4:30 PM Eastern Time


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Apr 28 2021 8:40AM


Blaine Aikin, CFP®, CFA, AIFA®
Founder and Principal
Fiduciary Insights, LLC

Apr 28 2021 8:55AM

KEYNOTE: What’s Next for the Regulation of Advice

This presentation will address regulatory activities of the SEC, DOL, and the states. Additionally, the session will also touch upon the role of CFP Board’s Code and Standards in advancing the profession of financial planning. In this session, Blaine Aikin will:
1. Recap where the last administration left off;
2. Address where the new administration is heading; and
3. Assess the role of financial planning in the evolving professionalization of advice.

David Gehn, Esq.
Ellenoff Grossman & Schole, LLP

Christopher Winn
CEO & Lead Consultant

Ryan Donovan
Senior Vice President
Orion Advisor Tech

Frank Pizzichillo
LPL Financial

Chuck Failla, CFP®
Sovereign Financial Group, Inc.

Apr 28 2021 9:50AM

goRIA - A Virtual RIA Roundtable Discussion

This "open forum" format will give you the opportunity to directly engage with some of the industry's top thought leaders about what, exactly, is involved with "Going RIA" or "Joining an RIA". Scroll down to see more details about the speakers you will have access to. Ask questions directly to the panelist, or, just sit back and take in the information. If you’re considering the RIA space, this is a session you will not want to miss!

Dan Daniels
Wiggin and Dana

Michael Clear
Wiggin and Dana

Erin Nicholls, JD
Wiggin and Dana

Apr 28 2021 9:50AM

Planning for Business Owners

This seminar will provide a comprehensive review of estate planning for business owners. Segment I addresses core planning, which will dictate what happens to a business at the death of an owner. Segment II will review business continuity and liquidity, including the use of life insurance for family and business needs. Segment III expands on advanced wealth and transfer strategies, including techniques for owners to remove, freeze, and discount assets to facilitate business succession and minimize taxes. Participants will receive practical tips to further engage their business-owning clients in solid planning for today's environment.

Apr 28 2021 10:40AM


The Hon. David M. Walker
Former Comptroller General of the U.S.
Distinguished Visiting Prof. USNA, Former US Comp.

Apr 28 2021 11:00AM

KEYNOTE: America in 2040: Still a Superpower?

This session provides a “Wake-up Call” regarding what the international and domestic situation could look like for America in 2040 absent a change in course. It includes an overview of the significant adverse implications of COVID-19 related activities, lessons learned from past great powers, and key concepts from our nation’s founding and past history. Dave will summarize a broad range of economic, national security and domestic tranquility threats facing America, including the new and dangerous Modern Monetary Theory. This session includes a number of sensible and publicly tested solutions spanning a broad range of policy areas that, if implemented, will create a better future in America and ensure that the U.S. is the first republic and great power to stand the test of time. Dave concludes with steps that individuals should take to create a better future for themselves, their family and our country.

Apr 28 2021 11:50AM


Apr 29 2021 11:15AM


John Emerson
American Funds

Apr 29 2021 11:30AM

KEYNOTE: Geopolitics in the Age of Disruption sponsored by Capital Group and American Funds

In this session, John Emerson will cover:

• Policy Implications of the Biden Administration
• Broader implications of Covid-19 for Geopolitics and the Global Economy
• Trade Policy and Relations with China

Apr 29 2021 12:30PM


Dr. David Kelly, CFA
Chief Global Strategist
J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Apr 29 2021 1:00PM

KEYNOTE: After the Storm: Investing in 2021 & Beyond

Since the start of 2020, the economy and financial markets in the United States have been buffeted by the interplay among the path of the COVID-19 pandemic, the massive policy responses by monetary and fiscal authorities, and actions on the health front from lockdowns to vaccinations and re-openings These factors will likely remain the principal influences on the economy and investment opportunities over the foreseeable future. Come hear Dr. David Kelly present the facts and offer his advice using JP Morgan's Guide to the Markets.

Michael Bitton
Pacific Life Insurance Company

Apr 29 2021 1:55PM

Client Conversations: I’ve Inherited an IRA; Now what?

The SECURE Act eliminated the stretch option for most IRA beneficiaries. What should clients do? Learn the new Required Minimum Distribution rules for beneficiaries, and where they differ from the old rules. Review when clients might need to take action, as well as some techniques for communicating these important changes to clients.

Christine Sjolin, SHRM-SCP
VP Strategic Development & Operations/Partner
FP Transitions

Apr 29 2021 1:55PM

The Evolution of Success and Sustainability

Discover the next evolution of succession for the industry. In this presentation, we'll look beyond any one owner’s career and focus on the creation of long-term business sustainability. Christine Sjölin, SHRM-SCP, will explore why and how this shift in focus is creating the most successful and enduring businesses in our industry. In this session you'll learn:
•The internal succession process and how it can be customized for each business's unique situation.
•The strategies for realistically plotting your own exit timeline.
•The key business foundations needed to support internal succession and long-term sustainability.
•The importance of a gradual, staged transition for the success of your plan.

Apr 29 2021 2:45PM


Jim Pavia
Money Editor

Apr 29 2021 3:05PM

Vern Hayden Lifetime Achievement Award and Fireside Chat with Jim Pavia

Katherine Roy, CFP®
Chief Retirement Strategist
JPMorgan Asset Management

Apr 29 2021 3:40PM

JP Morgan's Guide to Retirement: Breaking Rules to Strengthen Financial Plans for Retirement

Providing sound advice for retirement planning has been based on several well-established rules surrounding needs for retirement spending, the timing of the transition from work to retirement, and the recommended account order for both tax-efficient savings and withdrawals. This session offers a comprehensive discussion highlighting the latest retirement research from JP Morgan's Guide to Retirement on the how, why and when these rules might need to be broken.

Maria Katsileros, CSRIC™, CIMC®
Vice President, Investment Strategist
Natixis Investment Managers

Apr 29 2021 3:40PM

Managing Taxable Investments

Upon the successful completion of this course, participants will be able to: Understand recent tax-related legislation and implications for planning, Discuss how taxes may impact investment portfolios, Explain the factors that drive tax efficiency, Compare and contrast common investment vehicles, Describe techniques that can be employed to mitigate the impact, of taxes and enhance clients’ after-tax returns, Discuss municipal bond tax considerations

Apr 29 2021 4:30PM

Virtual Wine Tasting with Nick & Rory

Wine tastings are a great way to connect with your colleagues and work teams. This event is customized to promote participation and education. You will learn a thing or two about wine, the winemaking process, how to taste, and what foods pair best. Certified wine experts will guide you throughout this private tasting and answer any questions you may have about food and wine. You'll sample 3 different wines. Testers will be mailed to you in advance. Limited availability @ $15 (add on fee to your registration) for the testers. Deadline to register is April 5th. It is free to BYOB and all attendees will be given the link in the afternoon the day of the conference.


Continuing Education, per session, show accepted hours, or info about CE status. Hover over hours or info for details.

DateCourse Title/DescriptionStartCFP®CT Ins
KEYNOTE: What’s Next for the Regulation of Advice Blaine Aikin, CFP®, CFA, AIFA® 8:55 A info info
goRIA - A Virtual RIA Roundtable Discussion David Gehn, Esq. Christopher Winn Ryan Donovan Frank Pizzichillo Chuck Failla, CFP® 9:50 A
Planning for Business Owners Dan Daniels Michael Clear Erin Nicholls, JD info info
KEYNOTE: America in 2040: Still a Superpower? The Hon. David M. Walker 11:00 A info
Apr 29, 2021 WELCOME AND REMARKS 11:15 A
KEYNOTE: Geopolitics in the Age of Disruption sponsored by Capital Group and American Funds John Emerson 11:30 A info
KEYNOTE: After the Storm: Investing in 2021 & Beyond Dr. David Kelly, CFA 1:00 P info
Client Conversations: I’ve Inherited an IRA; Now what? Michael Bitton 1:55 P info info
The Evolution of Success and Sustainability Christine Sjolin, SHRM-SCP
Vern Hayden Lifetime Achievement Award and Fireside Chat with Jim Pavia Jim Pavia 3:05 P
JP Morgan's Guide to Retirement: Breaking Rules to Strengthen Financial Plans for Retirement Katherine Roy, CFP® 3:40 P info info
Managing Taxable Investments Maria Katsileros, CSRIC™, CIMC® info
Virtual Wine Tasting with Nick & Rory 4:30 P

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