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Hosted by FPA Connecticut

36th Annual FPA of Connecticut State Conference Online Only

Welcome to the 36th Annual FPA Connecticut State Conference (online only for 2020)!   
Now more than ever information about the future of Financial Planning and the resources you will need to survive and flourish is critical.   
FPA Connecticut is here to give a regional view of these turbulent times with a quality online conference experience.  
12 Webinar Sessions, plus 2 Very Special Guest Appearances!  Up to  11 CFP including 5 CT Insurance CEs possible plus one practice management.
After you register and pay, you will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up for the individual sessions (have your CFP and/or CT ins number ready).  

There is no limit – you may attend all sessions! There will be a different log in for each session unique to you (for CE reasons you cannot share those links). Rules for CE will be emailed in advance.

Many thanks to our sponsors for their continued support.   For sponsor MEET UPs, stay on the webinar a few minutes extra minutes for top tier sponsors. Ask questions of sponsors, get incentives, plus information you would normally get at their booths. A schedule and list of what is being offered in each sponsor room will be provided and for each room you visit, your name goes into a raffle for free 2021 registrations.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020
8:00 AM until Friday, August 28, 2020 12:30 PM Eastern Time


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Blaine Aikin, CFP®, CFA, AIFA®
Managing Director of Fiduciary Insights

Aug 26 2020 8:15AM

KEYNOTE - Understanding and Transcending Regulation Best Interest as a Financial Planning Professional

June 30, 2020 is a key date for financial advisors, marking the compliance date for both the SEC’s new “Best Interest” regulatory package (Reg BI) and CFP Board’s new Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct. Reg BI raises the bar on compliance obligations for broker-dealers and clarifies responsibilities of Registered Investment Advisers. CFP Board’s revised Code and Standards further elevates high ethical and competency standards for CFP® professionals. This session will explain and contrast key provisions of Reg BI and CFP Board’s Code and Standards, place both in the context of the competitive marketplace for advice, and highlight the extraordinary opportunity for financial planning professionals to powerfully differentiate themselves.

Dan Daniels
Wiggin and Dana

Michael Clear
Wiggin and Dana

Erin Nicholls, JD
Wiggin and Dana

Aug 26 2020 9:45AM

Hot Topics in Estate Planning

In this session, we will cover the Secure Act, planning in an election year, and planning during volatile market conditions.

Gregory Garrett
Fixed Income Investment Director
Capital Group

Jeb Bent
Capital Group

Michael Pollgreen
Capital Group

Aug 26 2020 11:15AM

KEYNOTE - 2020 Capital Mid Year Outlook

The 2020 Outlook Presentation features macro, equity and fixed income themes from the perspectives of various Capital investment professionals and economists. Stay balanced in an election year
• Patient investors can do well in election years. We looked at every election since 1932 and found that primary seasons are volatile, but markets have notched solid gains afterward.
• Recession in 2020? Not if the consumer stays this strong. In the U.S., consumer strength should continue to offset a manufacturing slowdown caused by trade uncertainty.

Consider upgrading your equity portfolio
• The best offense is a good defense. It’s not too soon to prepare portfolios for rougher seas as we face headwinds from an election year and a slowing global economy.
• Look for sustainable dividends, not just “value” stocks. The value label can be misleading; it’s not always defensive. Consider selecting companies with the potential to maintain dividend payments in tough times.

Think about upgrading your bond portfolio, too
• Consider revisiting your bond allocation. Given the late-cycle U.S. economy and weakness abroad, we think a fixed income allocation should be mostly core bonds that can help mitigate stock market volatility.
• Explore complementary assets to high-yield corporates. High-income munis and emerging markets bonds have offered similar after-tax income potential — often with lower correlation to equities.

Jim Pavia
Money Editor

Vern C. Hayden, CFP®
Hayden Financial Group LLC

Aug 26 2020 1:15PM

SPECIAL FEATURE - Jim Pavia Interviews Vern Hayden

Special guest CNBC Money Editor, Jim Pavia, will host a fireside chat with Vern Hayden, discussing Vern’s perspective on the financial planning industry over the past 50 years.

Brian Cordes, CAIA
SVP and Head Portfolio Specialist
Cohen and Steers

Aug 26 2020 1:45PM

KEYNOTE - What’s Next for Real Estate

This year, the global economy and markets have been impacted by COVID-19 and the pandemic has affected many sectors differently, including Real Estate. In addition, affluent Americans and the Advisors who serve them are faced with the dual challenge of finding income in a historically low yield environment, and protecting that income from taxes. This keynote will discuss the outlook for Real Estate and inherent tax efficiencies that may help investors diversify sources of income and potentially keep more of what they earn with Preferreds.

Thomas J. Hine, CFP®, CFS, MBA
CEO and Principal
Capital Wealth Management, LLC

Aug 26 2020 3:15PM

Succession and Continuity Planning: The Zen of Business Acquisitions

As the baby boomer generation of financial advisors edges toward retirement, the industry has gone through an unprecedented wave of sales, mergers, and acquisitions. However, there are many misconceptions about these mergers and acquisitions, the way in which these companies are valued, and the way in which they are sold. This presentation will take on these issues, providing trends and insights from major players in our industry, all while filtering them through the lens of traditional Zen philosophies. Ultimately, this presentation should be used as a tool to help you build a 5 to 10-year game plan to prepare your company for a sale or merger, putting you light years ahead of your competition.

Michael Bitton
Pacific Life Insurance Company

Aug 27 2020 9:45AM

Elements of Value: How Advisors Can Use Insured Solutions to Add Alpha

How will advisors show their value? This presentation will focus on two key areas where advisors can add significant alpha – Tax Planning and Behavioral Coaching. By excelling in these two areas an advisor can deliver unique value that cannot be provided by technology.

Benjamin Lavine, CFA, CAIA
Chief Investment Officer
3D Asset Management

Aug 27 2020 11:15AM

Hiring and Firing Investment Managers

Ben shares his perspectives on the challenges in manager selection and even some of the existential issues facing the money management industry in the wake of lost market share to passive investing. The concept of ‘professionally-managed’ portfolios has come under attack from both the financial media and passive index advocates as both have argued that ‘active managers’ have not added value net of the fees they charge. In this presentation, Ben acknowledges both the academic arguments against and real-world challenges facing traditional active management but believes that the arguments against active management only help bolster the case for professional manager due diligence.

Aug 27 2020 1:15PM

SPECIAL FEATURE ~ Presentation from David Lehman, Commission of the Department of Economic and Community Development and Senior Economic Advisor to the Governor and Report from FPA CT lobbyist Bob Shea

Danny Francisco

Aug 27 2020 1:45PM

Divorce Disability Death: Bringing Life's 3-D's Into Focus

Death, Divorce, and Disability are but three examples of the kinds of difficult client life transitions financial professionals regularly face. As today’s advisor role changes from investment representative or insurance agent to holistic financial planner, the ability to understand, recognize, and deal with these transitions will be key to continuing to build and maintain a successful financial practice. The presentation discusses the relationship between life transitions grief and why understanding and responding to grief is so important to a financial practice: Life transitions = money in motion = altered financial plans. The presentation shows the potential impact of ignoring, failing to identify, or respond to client transitions. We touch on the three biggest transitions: Death, Divorce, Disability, with examples of how to plan for and discuss each one with clients. The presentation shows the role of various insurance products in planning for life transitions. Lastly, the presentation touches on compassionate communication during difficult times: things to say or not say, next steps and a call to action.

Brendan F. Daly, CELA
Czepiga Daly Pope and Perri

Aug 27 2020 3:15PM

Connecticut Trust Law: A Whole New World

The Connecticut Uniform Trust Code, which will take effect on January 1, 2020, establishes a variety of rules on creating, modifying, terminating and enforcing trusts. A trustee owes certain duties and responsibilities to the beneficiaries of a trust. The Uniform Trust Code establishes default rules that, apart from a few exceptions, can be overridden by the terms of the trust, and addresses the trustee’s duties, powers and liabilities. At this seminar you will learn the important changes and provisions of the Uniform Trust Code, why these provisions were added, what these provisions mean for you when creating a trust and much more. You’ll learn about: • The 14 provisions that cannot be overridden by the terms of the trust • The fiduciary duties and liabilities of a trustee • The provisions in the CT Uniform Trust code that outline directed trusts • Provisions regarding domestic asset protection trusts (APT) • Changes in the amount of time a trust may run

Brie Williams
Vice President
State Street Global Advisors SPDR ETFs

Aug 28 2020 8:15AM

The Price of Financial Advice

Offers insights into how advisors can better communicate their value and harness the robo opportunity, as well as what investors want from their advisor.

Cesar Bastidas
Global Relationship Management
New York Life Investments

Aug 28 2020 9:45AM

Building the Ideal Relationship with Women Clients

Women are controlling an increasing portion of American personal wealth, which means they represent a significant opportunity for your business. Recognizing this, New York Life Investments commissioned a research study to better understand what is most important to women in a financial advisor. We interviewed over 800 women to understand the complexities of working with their financial advisor.

Mark Brownstein, CSA®
Emerald Medicare

Aug 28 2020 11:15AM

Medicare and the Mass Affluent

It is not unusual for financial planners to assume that Medicare is a constant and fixed program, separate from the other financial decisions made for and by their clients. This session will help planners understand how Medicare interacts, sometimes quite detrimentally, with other aspects of financial planning and investment management. Equipped with this enhanced perspective, a financial planner can differentiate his advice from most other advisors while improving the outcomes for a meaningful percentage of retired and retiring clients.


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DateCourse Title/DescriptionStartCFP®CT Ins
Aug 26, 2020 KEYNOTE - Understanding and Transcending Regulation Best Interest as a Financial Planning Professional Blaine Aikin, CFP®, CFA, AIFA® 8:15 A info
Hot Topics in Estate Planning Dan Daniels Michael Clear Erin Nicholls, JD 9:45 A info info
KEYNOTE - 2020 Capital Mid Year Outlook Gregory Garrett Jeb Bent Michael Pollgreen 11:15 A info
SPECIAL FEATURE - Jim Pavia Interviews Vern Hayden Jim Pavia Vern C. Hayden, CFP® 1:15 P
KEYNOTE - What’s Next for Real Estate Brian Cordes, CAIA 1:45 P info
Succession and Continuity Planning: The Zen of Business Acquisitions Thomas J. Hine, CFP®, CFS, MBA 3:15 P
Aug 27, 2020 Elements of Value: How Advisors Can Use Insured Solutions to Add Alpha Michael Bitton 9:45 A info info
Hiring and Firing Investment Managers Benjamin Lavine, CFA, CAIA 11:15 A info
SPECIAL FEATURE ~ Presentation from David Lehman, Commission of the Department of Economic and Community Development and Senior Economic Advisor to the Governor and Report from FPA CT lobbyist Bob Shea 1:15 P
Divorce Disability Death: Bringing Life's 3-D's Into Focus Danny Francisco 1:45 P info info
Connecticut Trust Law: A Whole New World Brendan F. Daly, CELA 3:15 P info info
Aug 28, 2020 The Price of Financial Advice Brie Williams 8:15 A info
Building the Ideal Relationship with Women Clients Cesar Bastidas 9:45 A info
Medicare and the Mass Affluent Mark Brownstein, CSA® 11:15 A info info

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