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Speaker Application - FPA® Chapters in Connecticut

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FPA CT seeks speakers, experts and topics that offer a variety of perspectives on financial planning.    Please use this on-line application for all of the following FPA CT speaking opportunities: 
  • FPA CT Speakers Bureaufor FPA CT chapter members in good standing, allow speakers to publically display their contact information and topics so that they may be directly requested to speak at events hosted by various organizations.  Members have access to powerpoints developed by FPA.  For a list of topics and their descriptions, Click Here.   Members who use these powerpoints, must adhere to FPA volunteer guidelines.


  •  FPA CT Chapters regional events hosted by Fairfield, New Haven and CT Valley Chapters.   Advanced topics for advisors, CFP credit applied for most sessions.

  •  FPA CT Chapters Planners Conference is the annual conference hosted by FPA CT - keynote and breakout speakers give one hour presentations.   Advanced topics needed for advisors.  CFP credit needed for most session, but some practice management topics are included.

You may make the application for yourself or another person.   You should have ready to cut and paste: bio(s), topic title, and topic description so that your session does not time out while you fill in the application.
Keep in mind that when you log in as a member, your application connects to your member record, and any information you change that populates the fields for you, will be changed in your permanent record, and speaker information you provide will be recorded in your member record.   Logging in also means you can go back and edit your speaker application or your bio at any time.   

Speakers are restricted from selling services or products during their presentations.

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